The waiting game

I love you but I kinda love me more… I want to be with someone e who wants to be with me fulll….I love the way we interact with each other…I think about you as an old man and me taking card of you…But I’m choosing not to wait…I’m moving on it’s been a great roller coaster but my heart can’t do it…I
Going to talk to trey… I told you One day I’m just not gonna be there and well….

You held me and made love to me… I wanna be with you, what ever I gotta do to make it happen I will I don’t care about our differences because you support me in my beliefs… No creo que te amor ….yo se te quiero…. I want you in my life for a long time and not just a few months or one more year…. You are my crock pot … My friend… And my lover second. You are my best friend and no title is needed just know you have my heart and even though you don’t want to be In a committed relationship, I’ll be here as your friend. And in my heart your lover … My Papito mi amor…

I think I’ll decline

I’ve taken so many plan b’s through out being with you that I think this time I will decline… I don’t want to I won’t get pregnant I just am tired if taking them….u but it and I’m not sure if I will take it…..I’m not scared of the consequences… But i don’t want a baby …kinda man I’m in live with u still I should have stopped you but tbh I didn’t think you’d cum…but u say plan b….and tbh I’ll decline no thank you

Let’s be honest

Nahh …he doesn’t care if I talk to someone else because that’s what he wants…He doesn’t get upset and why should I care … Like yeah I’m talking to this guy but a part of me kinda hopes u know my feelings are for you..I feel like I’m playing him because I like you more than him but at the same time he does what he does great too… He just isn’t you … I told you it’s yours… But it’s not… You don’t want it… Stupid me

“I hope no one heard that. I hope no one heard that”

The right kind of love

I want you even though your not for me… I want you even this slow poison taunt me … I love you oh that’s certain and how do you be just friends with someone you love? This rejection of my emotions hurt so I hAve sex Bc it’s the only time I feel connected to you. It’s my plAcebo. I get no benift, I’m not being cured. I need to get over this in Gods way. But I realized I don’t want to be alone… I want a replacement. I want your baby but I’m on the pill…besides you would hate me if u felt I tricked you. And an abortion would only drive me nuts and into insanity. I need love just the right kind… I need you but you need space time and other pussy. Enjoy her Bc I enjoyed him … Now it’s my turn to suffer and be loyal and just the friend