I think I’ll decline

I’ve taken so many plan b’s through out being with you that I think this time I will decline… I don’t want to I won’t get pregnant I just am tired if taking them….u but it and I’m not sure if I will take it…..I’m not scared of the consequences… But i don’t want a baby …kinda man I’m in live with u still I should have stopped you but tbh I didn’t think you’d cum…but u say plan b….and tbh I’ll decline no thank you

Let’s be honest

Nahh …he doesn’t care if I talk to someone else because that’s what he wants…He doesn’t get upset and why should I care … Like yeah I’m talking to this guy but a part of me kinda hopes u know my feelings are for you..I feel like I’m playing him because I like you more than him but at the same time he does what he does great too… He just isn’t you … I told you it’s yours… But it’s not… You don’t want it… Stupid me

“I hope no one heard that. I hope no one heard that”

The right kind of love

I want you even though your not for me… I want you even this slow poison taunt me … I love you oh that’s certain and how do you be just friends with someone you love? This rejection of my emotions hurt so I hAve sex Bc it’s the only time I feel connected to you. It’s my plAcebo. I get no benift, I’m not being cured. I need to get over this in Gods way. But I realized I don’t want to be alone… I want a replacement. I want your baby but I’m on the pill…besides you would hate me if u felt I tricked you. And an abortion would only drive me nuts and into insanity. I need love just the right kind… I need you but you need space time and other pussy. Enjoy her Bc I enjoyed him … Now it’s my turn to suffer and be loyal and just the friend

Déjà vu

So I realized that the qualities that you have hold the torch toe any guy that I eventually will date in the long run I really like your triangle eyebrows but I just realized you have a lot in common with the dad I knew as a child and idk I’m attracted to who you are your passion for music and your charm and awkwardness and that “D”